We are a Marketing firm located in the Greater Montreal Area. Our skills let us specialize in Marketing and Graphic Design for your business. We offer our marketing solutions for a smooth experience for our clients. 

We are a Marketing firm located in Laval, Canada. Our skills let us specialize in Marketing for your business and compliment it with an experienced graphic designer. We offer turnkey solutions for a seamless experience for our clients. 

What we do

We offer a wide variety of services to accomodate your business. We combine our skills to deliver a proper end product on time. 


Market Analysis

Extensive analysis on your macro environment and competition around your business in order to identify the current strengths and weaknesses before starting any form of marketing.

Build Brand Equity

Building equity towards your brand in order to create value in the minds of current and potential customers. 

Digital Marketing

This includes a Social Media presence, Pay Per Click campaigns, Social Media ads, Search Engine Marketing, and WordPress marketing.

Marketing Strategy

Build a strategy to integrate the most important components of marketing for your business in order to generate more leads, build relationships and bring awareness about your company.

Web Design

No website for your business yet? Not a problem. Build a modern website using a choice of hosts and platforms to meet the needs of your business. 

Content Creation

With a graphic designer on our team, we are able to create content for ads, social media posts, or for your website. We can even create a logo for your business to use!


If you’re looking to start marketing for your company from scratch, we can help you establish the foundation of the marketing done on the platforms of your choice.

Why we are different

A team dedicated to both marketing and graphic design means only the best for you and your business. With experience in both fields, we strive to deliver marketing in the most visually appealing way thanks to our seasoned graphic designer.

Esposto is the italian word for “Exposed”. We pride ourselves to ensure complete transparency with our work in order to maximize communication and professionalism. With these attributes, we proudly deliver our services to our customers.


Create of a beautiful and engaging website for your business. 

Modern website Designs

Using WordPress, we create beautiful websites for your business’ needs. We use a series of plugins in order to make sure the website is functional on any platform such as Elegant Themes. We also use tools to help us track traffic on your website.

We also guide Search Engine Optimization on a website by making sure the copy is satisfactory, connecting the website to the Google Search Console and reaching out to directories to create more back links. 

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