About our Marketing Team

Esposto in English means “Exposed”. Our values include complete transparency between our services and the client, meaning to expose our work so that nothing is hidden from the client. We uphold our values and promises to the best of our abilities.


We are a digital marketing and graphic design team based in the Greater Montreal Area. With experience and education in both fields, we combine our abilities in order to deliver a promising final product to each client.

Our Services

Marketing Consultation

Consultation on how to successfully move forward with marketing your business.

Marketing Strategy

Creating and testing marketing strategies in order to bring in more success to your business.

Transparent Services

Exposed services in terms of reports, time, and numbers. Secure and trustworthy business.

Creative Blog

Here at Esposto Marketing, we value good marketing practices. That is why we decided to release the occasional blog posts to inform our audience about some tips and tricks to pull off good marketing tactics. Sign up to our newsletter below to read our blog post whenever they come!

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